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Do you have joint pain or muscle tightness?

Stretching is essential for optimal health. The older you get and the less active you become, the more you will need to stretch. Without stretching,  your muscle length will shorten. This shortened length will cause tightness, weakness and can lead to a higher risk of injury.  An example would be a tight outer thigh or “IT Band” causing outer knee pain.

Why Streching?

Dream Martial Arts and Fitness believes it is necessary to warm up before beginning any stretching routine.  Without a proper warmup, you will not achieve the proper blood flow to your muscles, which will allow pliability to the muscle fibers.  Each stretch should be held for approximately 30 seconds.  There should be tension but no significant pain.  Do not bounce or continue to go further into your stretch if you feel discomfort.  Stretching is best after weight training or an aerobic workout.

Harvard affiliated physical therapist, David Nolan says, “A lot of people don’t understand that stretching has to happen on a regular basis.  It should be daily.”  

“Routines are much more important than people realize,” states Dream owner Jeffery Martin.

Stretching not only helps prevent injury, it helps with body awareness.  Focusing on your breath will help you relax, increase energy levels and boost muscle repair through oxygenation.

Benefits of Stretch

• Stretching improves flexibility.

• Beneficial to improve your posture.

• Increases blood and nutrient supply to muscles.

• Provides your mind with a mental break.

• Release tension and stress.

• Increase energy levels resulting in an improved sense of invigoration.

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