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Gi vs. No-Gi: What’s your style?



Gi vs No-Gi: Whats’ your style?  Or are you the type to say, “What the heck is gi?”  Welcome to the world of jiu jitsu talk.  It is another language shared by grapplers and UFC fanatics around the world.  Each term is based on a movement or a position that you would see in a grappling fight.

Gi Jiu Jitsu


If you wear a kimono or jiu jitsu uniform, it would be called a gi.  When you practice gi jiu jitsu, you wear a white or colored belt corresponding to your level of knowledge in the fighting art.  The longer you practice jiu jitsu and the more consistent you become, the faster you will be promoted to the next belt color.  They say it takes about 10 years to accomplish black belt.

Wearing a gi in jiu jitsu can be beneficial for a smaller, less athletic person.  The smaller person can use their hands to grip the collar and sleeves of the superior  opponent’s gi.  Using these grips allows the smaller person to attach themselves to the aggressor.  While attached, the opponent will need to carry or lift the other person’s weight to move.  Clearly causing exhaustion over time.  There is a time in gi jiu jitsu where releasing your grips is advantageous to your movement or body angle.  As you progress in gi jiu jitsu, you will learn to apply chokes using collar and sleeve controls.  This is when jiu jitsu becomes fun and you move up the ladder to the next belt color.

No-Gi Jiu Jitsu


On the other hand if you wrestle or grapple without the kimono, it is called no-gi jiu jitsu.  No-gi can be much faster and less annoying for some people.  Your opponent is no longer able to grab or choke you with your clothing.  Thus allowing you to move with less restriction.  People with previous athletic training and those blessed with athletic abilities, tend to excel in no-gi jiu jitsu.

Gi vs No-GiNo matter what “type” you are “gi vs no-gi”, practicing both arts will only benefit you along your journey of obtaining self-defense knowledge.  Having the ability to use grips when they are available and the comprehension of how to move without them allows you to become an experienced jiu jitsu practitioner.  Luckily, Dream Martial Arts and Fitness offers lessons in both gi and no-gi.   Black belt instructor Jeff Martin will take the time to share and explain the intricate details of both exciting self-defense arts.




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