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The oldest martial art on record is named Pankration.  The unarmed combat sport originated at Olympia in 648 BC and was famously trained by Alexander the Great’s soldiers and The Spartans.  Adolescent Pankration began in 200 BC and is now encompassing limited contact striking and progressive rules.  Rules focus on sportsmanship and technique, creating the optimum martial arts system available to all ages, styles, and abilities.

Supreme Self-Defense system

Pankration is a supreme self-defense system when translated, it means “all force” or “all of the might”.  It is a combination of kickboxing and wrestling, using submissions to end the competition.  Local non-profit organization United States Fight League and its creator Jon Frank have been all-important in the progression of youth martial arts in California and the spreading of the self-defense system across the nation.  USFL emphasizes developing strong character through rigorous training.  Rules are safe and consistent for all ages and abilities.  Protective gear is worn at all times for all levels.  Many USFL athletes have become world champion mixed martial arts fighters.  Many of whom own and operate Pankration martial arts and fitness centers.  UFC Champion Joe Stevenson is giving back to the United States Fight League by mentoring our future leaders and sitting on the USFL Board of Directors.

Discipline. Enthusiasm. Inspiring. Motivation.

The Santa Clarita Valley has a Pankration MMA training center being instructed by USFL alumni Jeff Martin.  Dream Martial Arts and Fitness is located at 22942 Lyons Avenue, Santa Clarita, CA 91321. Instructor, Jeff Martin began winning Pankration competitions in 2004 and has accumulated a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, a record of over 20 professional fights and the TFA championship belt.  Dream Martial Arts and Fitness believes in maintaining DISCIPLINE in order to achieve your goals, holding oneself RESPONSIBLE for their words and actions, showing ENTHUSIASM in all aspects of life, ASPIRING to be successful and MOTIVATING others along the way.  This self defense instructional school is a result of a dream being cultivated by the teachings of Pankration, signaling an evolution of Santa Clarita martial arts and fitness.

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DREAM stands for maintaining Discipline in order to achieve your goals. Be responsible for your words and actions. Show enthusiasm in all aspects of life. Aspire to be great. Motivate others along the way.


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