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What is Krav Maga?

Imagine a self-defense program that causes the most pain in the quickest amount of time.  To start, the name Krav Maga is translated as “contact combat” in Hebrew.  The root word krav means “combat” and maga means “contact”.  Practice focuses on how to handle life-threatening situations with brutal strikes.  As an example, one basic concept is striking with speed and precision toward the assailant’s eyes, neck and groin.  Subsequently, moves have since been refined for police and civilians.  Now, Santa Clarita has many self-defense training locations you can choose from.  Try them all and then try Dream MMA.

Philosophy of Krav Maga

First and foremost, Krav Maga’s philosophy is use any means necessary to stop an attacker as quickly as possible.  Always aim at the attacker’s vital spots.  Do not use strength.  Use speed and precision.  Practice real-life situations with repetition.  The longer the fight goes, the worse the result for you.  Finally, stay on your feet as much as possible.

Krav Maga Concepts

“Do everything in your power”.  As a rule, end the fight as quickly as possible by any means necessary.

Aim at your opponent’s weak points
Quick and powerful responses
Speed and technique are more important than strength
Acquire skills for real-life-situations
Repetition is crucial
Minimal fighting
Stay on your feet

What If You End Up On the Ground?

Even though Krav Maga is a beneficial “first step” in self-defense.  However, what happens if your strikes don’t connect to your opponent’s “weak points”?  What if you end up clinched or on the ground?  Luckily, Santa Clarita has an MMA gym that teaches boxing, wrestling and jiu-jitsu techniques.  This gym is named Dream Martial Arts and Fitness.  The owner has over 22 professional fights. In conclusion, Dream Martial Arts and Fitness will take your self-defense training to the next level in the Santa Clarita Valley.  You can schedule a free intro class by texting or calling 661-300-3300.  You may also email info@DreamMMA.com for more information.