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The Benefits of Enrolling Kids in Jiu-Jitsu

One of the best feelings in the world is watching your child hit a home run, score a touchdown, participate in a music recital, etc.  Imagine watching them win a jiu-jitsu tournament with a flying arm bar!!  Enrolling your child in a martial arts class is a very beneficial endeavor.  It may seem scary to think of putting your child in a combat sport but numerous health experts can assure you that enrolling your child in jiu-jitsu is safe.  Jiu jitsu is effective in developing discipline, physical well-being, self-confidence, respect for yourself and others, and last but not least, honor and integrity.  Dream Martial Arts and Fitness provides kids jiu jitsu classes in the Santa Clarita Valley for ages 4+.

  1. Discipline

Enrolling your child in jiu-jitsu will develop an active lifestyle and a healthy mindset.  The physical demands of jiu-jitsu will enforce a strong will for your child.  Therefore your child will develop perseverance and confidence in and out of the gym.  Parents who enroll their kids in jiu-jitsu often talk about how much their child has matured and grown as a person.  This discipline and positive mindset is a result of martial arts training.  More often than not, these students become leaders in their field of work.

  1. Physical Well Being

Combat sports are tough and require a great deal of physical resources to perform.  When your child comes through the doors after training, you can expect them to be nearly drained.  Continuous physical exertion is great for developing bodies.  As a result, jiu jitsu helps overweight children lose weight and skinny children gain muscle mass.  This is from the consistent pushing and pulling of your body weight against your partners.  Experts say weightlifting at an early age can stunt growth but body weight movements are safe and encouraged for all ages .  Looking for ways to exhaust your child’s boundless energy? Consider enrolling them in jiu-jitsu 😊

  1. Self Esteem

When kids are matched with their peers, they are forced to overcome adversity.  While this can create obstacles for your child, it can also be a tremendous confidence booster.  Their self-esteem will increase when they finally learn that new technique or get that take down against their sparring partner..  Ultimately, this feeling of overcoming adversity is beneficial to personal development.  Most importantly, with a positive self-esteem, a disciplined mind, and a healthy body, you can expect your child to display a newfound sense of honor and integrity.  Jiu jitsu is good for the soul.


Questions, comments or concerns about enrolling your child in jiu-jitsu?  Feel free to call (661) 300- 3300 or email us at info@dreammma.com